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A Father to the Fatherless

For the first time, YWAM Louisville sent an outreach team to Ukraine. We had a combination of Discipleship Training School (DTSstudents and School of Ministry Development (SOMD) students on that team. Here’s one of our SOMD students’ stories from his time there:
A father of the fatherless, a defender of
widows is God in His holy habitation.
Psalm 68:5

I”ll be honest, I don’t speak any Ukrainian or Russian. The only word I knew going into Ukraine was “Chernobyl” from the Chernobyl diaries where the nuclear plate busted back in the 80’s with the radioactive 200 pound mountain cats and crazy fish with arms coming out of there heads. You know, the crazy stuff. All that to say, there was a bit of a language barrier as we shared only 2 translators for our English camp! The second camp was coming around, and we new these kids were coming from many difficult situations. They were from an orphanage about an hour away.

From the first day, I noticed a boy who was so happy, kind, and willing to serve. He was different, and I wanted to talk to him more effectively, but how? The next day, the kids got to know me a little better and found out my family is Mexican and that I spoke some Spanish. It turns out, 3 of the orphans spoke fluent Spanish – and one of them was that boy! I knew God was up to something.

His name was Ruslon. He was my pal and always at my side throughout the camp. God blessed our friendship so much. One night, I got to talk about relationships and friendships in our evening meeting, and that night at the campfire I got to share with him and another one of the Spanish-speakers that our meeting was not by chance and how God was pursuing them to have a relationship with them, how He saw such beauty and greatness in them. That week, I believe, those kids saw God in a real way for the first time. Through these camps He showed them He speaks to them; He showed them He cared, and He showed them that He didn’t see their circumstances but saw that they were capable of greatness.

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