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Seek and You Will Find

Discipleship Training School is such a simple thing, but God uses it to change lives in countless ways. For many, it brings the average believer’s faith to life. Some, however, have less typical stories to tell. Dave’s story is a great example.
Dave came to DTS unsure of who or what God really is. He gave God 5 months of his life to find out. Those who seek God, find Him, and Dave was seeking! Dave chose to draw near to God, and God faithfully drew near in return. Dave began to discover God’s character, not just by what others had told him, but by experience; it changed him forever!

“Seek and you will find…” Matt 7:7

Youth With A Mission DTS

“Before, I would have said that, for me to become a Christian, it would take evidence. I needed evidence in abundance to be able to believe in Christ. I was a doubting Thomas in all his arrogance, but as DTS went on I found something different here. I found relationship.
I became a Christian in DTS, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. As John kinda said, ‘If I were to write everything that Jesus did for me here, it would not fit into all the books in the Earth.'” – Dave, DTS graduate
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