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YWAM Louisville SeminarsWord By Heart

Word By Heart has one driving ambition: Jesus

Word By Heart is a seminar that enables you to experience Jesus through your own imagination, in a very personal way. Once you have seen Jesus in this way, your natural memory will be unlocked. This seminar will enable you speak of Him through your own language, humor, and personality using the exact words of the Gospels.

This seminar is not about acting, learning skits or dramas, or even a textual study of the Bible. This course is about knowing Jesus personally and sharing Him in a unique way.

Word By Heart has rapidly spread across the world. So far over 2,000 people in 35 languages in every continent have been trained. Do you want to join this movement? If so, please come and join us!

Word By Heart covers the following content:

  • The process of “Truth Telling”
  • Re-imagining the Word
  • Personalization of the passage at hand
  • Memorizing the exact words of Scripture
  • Retelling the Story


January 23-27 7-9pm


FREE! (There is a housing charge of $65 for those who need a place to stay) 

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