What Does a Mission Trip Actually Look Like?

Outreach can be a fun adventure filled with excitement. I mean think about it. You’re out there in the middle of nowhere in some foreign country, getting immersed in a new culture that you’ve never experienced before in your life. You’re preaching the gospel to people that have never felt the love of Jesus. You […]

Tuning Our Hearts to Worship

A few months ago, I came to terms with the fact that I really do like pop music. As I constantly listened to this mainstream radio music, I found myself feeling distant from the Lord, and like something was missing inside. Our brains are divided up into six sections.  When listening to music, more of […]

What’s the Point?

Have you ever felt like what you’re doing is pointless? Sitting in math class in the 10th grade, I remember constantly asking my teacher how the math problems we were doing would help me in the future. They seemed so tedious, and like they were a waste of time! A few weeks ago on a […]

The Squeaky Swingset

Have you ever felt distanced from the Lord? Has there ever been a time when you believed that you’d lost the ability to hear His voice? It feels like something in your relationship with Him has shifted.  Quiet times are hard.  His voice doesn’t sound as clear as it once did.  You have to strain […]

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