Why Do a Skater’s DTS?

When I was asked if I would lead the Spring Skater’s Discipleship Training School (DTS), I was stoked. It’s combining my two favorite things: Jesus, and Skateboarding! As I’ve been planning to lead this school, I was challenged with the question, “ Why am I leading the Skater’s DTS?”  In pondering this, I came up with […]

The Privilege of Giving

During our outreach in East Kentucky, We teamed up with one of the local churches in a very small town where drug/alcohol abuse, violence, and poverty are very common.  For the few days we were there, we attended every event and service at the church.  Through this, we were able to get to know the congregation and many who […]

A Red Coat and Hope

Inside the Lord’s Kitchen in downtown Louisville, I saw him. He was sitting at one of the tables. He was tall and skinny. A big, red coat completed the image. The same red coat I had seen when I had asked God who he wanted me to speak to.

Brave Love

I watched her walk away, the girl I’d met 20 minutes before, dragging her sorrow along with her behind a tiny suitcase. A burden weighed so heavily on her shoulders that it almost felt the clouds should have been out, the sky should have been depressed along with her. Instead, the sun blazed on our skin and we wondered, “Did we do enough?”

6 Things We Love About Louisville

At YWAM Louisville we’re known for our love of the nations. But don’t mistake that for a lack of love for our namesake! Locals love to keep Louisville weird by frequenting our independent businesses, including some of the best coffee shops in the nation (no, really, they’ve won awards). Here’s why, when we’re not off to the ends of the earth, we love calling Louisville home.