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Most of us can easily recognize demonstrations of the character of God through familiar portions of the Old Testament. We see his great love in the Psalms. His goodness is demonstrates in the story of creation. His faithfulness is on display as he delivers his people from slavery.

But there’s so much more to be discovered about who God is throughout the entire Old Testament – even in unexpected places. God’s mercy is the thread that weaves through the whole story of Israel, loving them despite their many failures. God’s sovereignty and righteousness are evident in the saga of the kings of Judah. His ways are beautifully portrayed to us in some unlikely places.

Join us as we dive into these less-familiar stories and encounter the character of God in the Old Testament. In this week-long seminar, you’ll not only get to know the Bible better; you’ll gain tools that you can apply to your personal study of God’s Word for the rest of your life.


February 6-10

Cost: Free!

(there is a housing charge of $65 for those who need a place to stay)

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