A Black Friday Miracle

It was the first night of our Thanksgiving outreach, and there they were: a group of young people staying up late for Black Friday outside Wal-Mart. But they didn’t leave with a TV or a single Christmas present.
Giving out free (and very tasty) coffee to whomever might want it, blessed a lot of people, especially in the midst of all the Black Friday madness! One person in particular had adopted some eastern beliefs, but knew there was a God and wanted to know more about Him. His name was Paul. He was a very kind young man and was so grateful to be around people who really cared about him. The YWAMers talked with him for a very long time. He seemed so happy just to be with us that night, so we just kept talking and answering questions. The conversation went on and on… and on.
God impressed upon Elijah, one of our staff, to, “Go in and buy him a Bible.” Elijah even felt that it was to be a specific translation. He asked God to pave the way to get in and out with that Bible and give it to Paul before he had left. After all, who can quickly get in and out of Wal-Mart on Black Friday at 11:00 pm?! But God answered the prayer.

There was an open path all the way to the back of the store where the books were, and (of the very few Bibles available) there was a New Living Translation. Elijah grabbed it and headed to the register. There was a checkout with only one person at it, and he finished promptly. He got in and out quickly and put the Bible into Paul’s hands.

Paul’s eyes lit up.  He asked where to start reading, and a DTS student quickly responded, “Matthew.” Paul kept hanging out with us for a while – he said he enjoyed our company and he was intrigued by the opportunity to get to know God. He kept assuring us that he would read it.
Paul left that night with a powerful combination: the Bible — and a desire to know the Author.

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