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Restoration for Francisco

One of my first days here, I felt like the Lord was telling me that I was going to meet a man in a blue sweatshirt. I was a little confused – why would anybody in their right mind wear a sweatshirt on such a hot day?

Brave Love

I watched her walk away, the girl I’d met 20 minutes before, dragging her sorrow along with her behind a tiny suitcase. A burden weighed so heavily on her shoulders that it almost felt the clouds should have been out, the sky should have been depressed along with her. And instead the sun blazed on our skin and we wondered, “Did we do enough?”

Sharing Your Testimony

Are you a Christian? Then you have a testimony. Whether you were a drug dealer who found Jesus in prison or a really good kid who had to realize you couldn’t win God’s love with good behavior, we all got into this family the same way: by God’s grace. Here are 3 ways you can effectively share the story of what God’s done in your life:

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