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What’s My Purpose?

What am I here for? Does God have a call on my life? Some of us carry that question with us well into adulthood, even to the grave. Confronting those tough questions is better done now than later – just ask anyone who’s racked up a mountain of debt for a college degree they aren’t using.

From Peru: A Love Worth Living For

I knew God was telling me to go share with him, but I was pretty intimidated. Finally I went up to him, and it turned out that his life was a whole lot like mine. I found out that he’d been struggling at school and he was filled with depression. He was so hopeless that he said he wanted to kill himself.

Where Is “Home”?

I have felt at home sitting on a roof in India, riding a bike though a town in
Germany, reading a book in Nicaragua, and dancing with gypsies in Turkey. I have felt at home in places I where I don’t speak the language and I definitely don’t blend in. Why is that?

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